NFL Survivor Football League

Pick one team each week. If they win, you go on. If they lose, you are toast.

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YearKing of the HillEntries
2018 1,172
2017 27 KOTH

Courtney Anderson
Nicholas Bruneau
Chad Chavies
Richard Ciccione
Jon Coca
Mark Colaluca
Greg Comes
Joe Dooley
Dylan Geller
Ryan Giraud
Joseph Grasso
Chad Higgins
Mike Jacobs
Keith Kugler
Sixto Lezcano
Ash Lomont
Jake Massar
Peter Nordenberg
Jason Parker
Jeff Patman
Matt Patten
Ryan Rauber
Douglas Resetar
Ken Sellin
Michael Thum
Chris Wolven
Evan Young
2016 23 KOTH

Steve Biedenbender
Austin Bull
Chad Chavies
Jeff Durham
Michael Francis
Nuradin Giljic
Tim Gonzalez
Arin Gregorian
Leslie Guzy
Jim Herndon
Scott Hoyer
Robert Miami
Dave Marvin
Mark Nieman
Peter Oltchick
Aku Patel
Bob Patton
Kyle Rovinsky
Sunny Sajnani
Erika Sjoholm
Michael Wagle
Dan Weingartz
Richard Whitfield
2015 Domenic Carroscia 5,013
2014 10 KOTH

Justin Coco
Brian Dykes
Justin Gedlin
Eli Gershenson
Eddie Gilic
Patrick Jerina
Greg Jordan
Nick Masinter
Erin Norton
Anand Rao
2013 2 KOTH

Dan Einhorn
Brian Moore
2012 6 KOTH

Hunter's Dad
Steve Murman
Jason Parker
Gary Simpson
David Skid
Rick Wojcik
2011 3 KOTH

John Wesley Hardin
Bob Valentine (two entries)
2010 2 KOTH

Eric Blumenthal
Donald Woodbluff
2009 12 KOTH

Jeff Durham
Jeff Goodman
Pat Iles
Rodger Lockman
Robert Roldan
Aaron Mintz
Lyman Moore
David Skid
Rick Swinford
Al Tatum
Damien Vinson
Josh Wozman
2008 17 KOTH

Bill Camp
Bob Cato
Hunter Covitz
Brett Detterbeck
Michelle Doherty
David Hobson
Alan Jehamy
Phil Jerome
Randy Lokey
Bobby M.
Tom Martin
Jay Roush
Kyle Rovinsky (two entries)
Eric Taylor
Alvin Vitangcol
Andy Walinsky
2007 John Charecky
Jeff Durham
Eric Rivto
Jason Sandler
Sydney Vitangcol
2006Luis Vega738
2005 18 KOTH

Katy Almond
Brett Amundson
Diana Barry
Tim Dadson
David Diaz
Dan Einhorn
Jeffrey Eyet
Michael Gowsman
Pat Iles
John Konstant
Bobby M
Doug Madenberg
Tony Romano
Kyle Rovinsky
Eric Slocik
Greg Taylor
Dan Weingartz
Vinny Yak
2004Adam Librot412
2003Russell Birk221
20022 KOTH

Todd Dyer
Brian Gurinsky

Welcome to Dallas KOTH

We know you have been waiting for it, and it is back for another year. King Of The Hill or as you may be more familiar with, The KOTH. We have grown every year, and are expecting to do so this year, too. The competition will be fierce...

This is a winner-take-all, National Football League survivor-style pool, as each week's winners advance, while the losers are eliminated. You may enter as many times as you like. Each entry must have a different name.